Mike Seastrom has been dancing since 1960, and calling since 1963. He started dancing after losing a bet to his mother and calling when he tried to show his 6th grade teacher what “square dancing was really like”. He taught his first class in 1963 after borrowing money from his folks to buy a small sound system and was able to pay them back before the class was over.

After receiving his doctorate in 1976, Mike joined CALLERLAB in 1977, and has been Chairman of several committees, as well as an annual presenter for interest sessions and seminars at CALLERLAB conventions. Mike served on the Board of Governors from 1984 to 2003 and completed a two-year term as the CALLERLAB Chairman of the Board in 1994. He was also awarded the Milestone Award in 2001 by two of his mentors, Bob Van Antwerp and Bob Osgood. He submits the monthly CALLERLAB Viewpoint articles to “American Square Dance” magazine and his articles have appeared in various publications around the world.

Mike teaches, calls Basic through C-1, prompts contras, and also enjoys doing dance party events when his schedule allows. He is a strong advocate for the Multi-Cycle Method of teaching new dancers and enjoyed a very successful program with the Valley Trailers Square Dance club in California. Mike currently teaches for the Buckles & Bows.

Mike records for Rhythm Records, regularly does Caller Clinics, and helped produce an Introduction to Contra Dancing package for R & R Video, with the California Contra Callers Association.

Calling has given Mike the opportunity to travel extensively in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Mike enjoys dancing as well as calling and still feels that “dancing as a team of eight” is the best recreation in the world.

As a practicing dentist, calling is an avocation for “Dr. Mike.” He feels so fortunate to receive such tremendous support from his wonderful and understanding family and staff.